Shortcut Keys for MS Powerpoint

Shortcut Keys for MS Powerpoint

In this Blog in share Top Shortcut Keys for MS Powerpoint Which is most important for Basic Computer Knowledge and CCC MCQ question answer. 

Select Text and Objects 

 Shift + Right Arrow Select one character to left. 
 Shift + Left Arrow Select once character to Right.
 Shift + UP ARROW Select one line up.
 Shift + DOWN ARROW Select one line down.
 Ctrl +A (on the Slides tab) Select all objects, slides, text
Select Text and Objects

Delete and Copy Text & Objects 

 Ctrl + Backspace  Delete one word to the left
 Ctrl + Delete  Delete one word to the right.
 Ctrl + X  Cut selected objects in Microsoft PowerPoint.
 Ctrl + C  Copy the selected object.
 Ctrl + V  Paste cut or copied object.
 Ctrl + Z  Undo the last action in Microsoft PowerPoint.
 Ctrl + Y  Redo the last action.
 Ctrl + Shift + C  Copy formatting only.
 Ctrl + Shift + V  Paste formatting only.
 Ctrl + Alt + V  Paste special.
Delete and Copy Text & Objects

Change or Resize the Font 

 Ctrl + Shift + F Open the Font dialog box to change the font size. 
 Ctrl + Shift + P Open the Font dialog box to change the font size. 
 Ctrl + Shift + > Increase the font size
 Ctrl + Shift + < Decrease the font size.
Change or Resize the Font 

Apply Character Formats 

 Ctrl + Equal Sign  Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing). 
 Ctrl + Equal Sign Apply superscript formatting (automatic spacing).
 Ctrl+Spacebar Remove manual character formattings, such as subscript and superscript.
Apply Character Formats 

Copy Text Formats 

 Ctrl + Shift + C Copy formats.
 Ctrl + Shift + V Paste formats.
Copy Text Formats 

Align Paragraphs 

 Ctrl + E Center a paragraph.
 Ctrl + J justify a paragraph.
 Ctrl + L Left align a paragraph. 
 Ctrl + R Right, align a paragraph. 
Align Paragraphs

Run a Presentation 

 F5   Start the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation from the beginning.
 Number + Enter Go to slide number.
 W or Comma   Display a blank white slide or return to the presentation from a blank white slide.
 S Stop or restart an automatic presentation.
 Esc or Hyphen End a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. 
 E Erase on-screen annotations.
 H Go to the next Microsoft PowerPoint slide if the next slide is hidden.
 T Set new timings while rehearsing.
 O Use original timings while rehearsing.
 M Use a mouse click to advance while rehearsing.
 Ctrl + A Redisplay hidden pointer or change the pointer to an arrow.
 Ctrl + H Hide the pointer and navigation button immediately.
 Ctrl + U Hide the pointer and navigation button in 15 seconds.
 Shift + F10 Display the Microsoft PowerPoint shortcut menu.
 Tab Go to the first or next hyperlink or a slide.
 Shift + Tab Go to the last or previous hyperlink on a slide.
 Ctrl  + W To close presentation
 Ctrl  + K Insert a hyperlink. 
Run a Presentation

So here at above list of Shortcut Keys for MS Powerpoint hope this blog post helps you and improve your Basic Computer Knowledge.

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