Triple C Online Test Paper True False Question And Answers

Triple C Online Test Paper

Triple C Online Test Paper True False Question and answer for all students who preparing for CCC online test. all questions are asked in the previous year’s CCC exam.

Give the answer of the following statements is true or false: 

1. The name box is a formula bar.  at the left end of the 

2. Ctrl + U selects the italics style for the selected text. 

3. The Internet is not a commercial information service. 

4. Output devices store instructions or data that the CPU processes. 

5. Data can be a number, a word, a picture, or a sound. 

6. The design of the network is called network transmission. 

7. Computers process data into information 1w working exclusively with numbers. 

8. To maximize or restore a selected window press Ctrl+F10. 

9. ATM is a computerized machine. 

10. Dial-up is not a type of Broadband Internet connection. 

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11. The name of the lowest strip of the desktop is a title bar. 

12. Modern computers use the binary number system. 

13. Linux is system software. 

14. The primary function of I/O peripherals is to facilitate computer-to-computer transmission. 

15. Ctrl+B is used to make the text bold in MS-Word 

16. Railway Ticket Reservation System is not an example of an online processing system. 

17. Strictly defined, a computer is a data processing device. 

18. You can’t open two different workbooks in Excel at the same time. 

19. Data stored on the magnetic disk can be accessed directly. 

20. Print Preview does not allow editing of the document. 

21. Even and odd pages have different footers in word. 

22. A red wavy line points to all those words in your document that possibly have incorrect spelling. 

23. A video camera is the most commonly’ used input device for capturing video data.

24. In PowerPoint, when you use Save as Web Page, the presentation is turned into an animated gif image.

25. Processed data is defined as the type of data that is processed and represented in a useful manner to the user. 

26. The background of any Web page is always white in color. 

27. Web browser refers to a software application that allows you to interact with the information on the WWW. 

28. ROM, which stands for read-only memory and is also known as firmware, cannot be written on or erased by the computer user. 

29. The data projector is portable and allows the presenter to place the slides onto any surface. 

30. The CPU and memory are located on a special circuit board in the system unit called the motherboard. 

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31. The default file extension for all Word document is .doc or .docx. 

32. PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant. 

33. Non-printing characters like spacebar, enter key, tab key, etc are not printed on paper when you print a document. 

34. C, C++, and Java are among the most powerful and most widely used assembly languages. 

35. The act of exploring the web is known as surfing. 

36. A cheque is an uncommon mode of banking transactions.

37. E-mail can be used to broadcast messages, but only within your own company. 

38. 1 KB is equal to 1024 bytes. 

39. The speech synthesizer converts text information into spoken sentences. 

40. A laser printer is not a type of printer. 

41. In Word, the easiest way to resize a picture is by dragging its edges to match the size and shape you want. 

42. Re-writable compact disks are now available. 

43. To be computer literate, you must be able to write computer programs. 

44. The CPU and memory are located on the motherboard. 

45. Al is an example of an absolute cell reference. 

46. The Central Processing Unit(CPU), also called the “brain” of the computer, is responsible for processing data. 

47. Icons are Graphical objects used to represent commonly used applications. 

48. The main objects to form a network is to share data and resources. 

49. In Word, a new column inserted in a table retains the format of the column next to which it is inserted. 

50. The scanner is an example of an input device. 

That was the Triple C Online Test Paper. hope it helps you.

Answers sheet

1. True  2. False  3. True 4. False  5. True  6. False  7. False  8. False  9. True 10. False

11. False  12. True  13. False  14. False  15. True  16. False  17. True  18. False  19. False 20. True

21. True 22. True  23. True  24. False  25. True  26. False  27. True  28. True  29. True 30. True

31. True 32. True   33. True  34. False  35. True  36. False  37. False  38. True  39. True  40. False  

41. True 42. True 43. False 44. True  45. True  46. True  47. True  48. True  49. True  50. True 

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